There are a number of factors every senior golfer must accept as reality. They will not hit the ball as far as they did in their heyday. They will lose the flexibility of their youth, preventing a full shoulder and hip turn. For many, there will be daily aches and pains in the joints and muscles that put more stress on your ability to play well.


Yes, it’s all part of growing older. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t still play well, improve and enjoy the game as much as ever. Here are a few tips to help senior golfers get the most of their game.


  1. Shorten Your Swing

Face it, your swing is already shorter than when you were in your 20s, so don’t fight it. Master taking the club three-quarters of the way back and then driving through the ball. Instead of sacrificing distance, you will actually hit the ball further because a swing that is more in control will result in more solid contact.


  1. Tee It High

The current drivers on the market promote a high ball flight, so tee the ball up, position it in the front of your stance and keep your arms extended, allowing for a long, wide follow-through. This extension will send the ball high and long.


  1. Use Your Wrists

A strong wrist action is essential for a senior golfer who can no longer get the full body into the shot. As you begin your downwind swing, make sure your wrists are turning over, squaring the clubface and releasing into the shot. When you hold on during impact, the result is often a slice, which means a loss of distance.


  1. Think Quality

With seniors, it’s not about clubhead speed but the qualify of contact. If you hit the ball square in the center of the clubface the ball will travel further. So, focus on the quality of your strike by practicing swings with your feet together. Take a 6-iron and focus on striking the center of the face. Make sure you maintain balance, even if it forces you to take a half-swing. This drill will give you muscle memory on what you need to do to hit the ball in the center every time.


  1. Carry that Weight

Your legs, hips and shoulders are essential to making a good golf swing. But those muscles won’t work properly unless your feet are balanced. A balanced setup is the key to all that follows. Make sure your weight is equally distributed between your right and left foot. Avoid placing weight on your toe or heel, which will cause major issues with balance.


  1. Stay Heavy Around the Green

Watch a pro near the green and you’ll notice that their tempo is perfect, their movements are deliberate and they are not swinging the club as though it’s light in their hands. Allowing your arms to feel heavy around the greens is a great tip for seniors, for it promotes hitting down and through chip shots.


  1. Narrow Your Stance

By placing your feet closer together, it will be easier to transition your weight from the back to front foot, and you’ll be amazed at the added distance.


  1. Don’t Forget Exercise

Obviously, staying fit is more critical as you grow older. Maintaining flexibility demands a steady diet of stretching, which you should do not only just before you tee off, but on a daily basis at home. Lift light weights, walk regularly, use resistance bands and limber up with weighted golf clubs. These will all improve your swing speed and give you more power.


  1. Be Smart with Equipment

You don’t have the swing speed to play the same type of equipment as a pro. Get fitted for a senior shaft that fits your swing speed. This will bring more distance into your game. And ditch your long irons in favor of hybrids, which are much easier to hit. Finally, stack your bag with a variety of wedges. It’s likely you won’t be hitting many greens in regulation, but you will face a number of shots from 50 to 100 yards. Have the right wedge for the occasion.


  1. The Golf Ball Matters

How many times have you heard this: I’m playing the ball the pros play. Don’t. Those balls are designed for the pros, who have far faster swing speeds than you. Senior golfers should play a low compression ball with a rating between 70 and 80, which will match up with your swing speed. Make this change and, lo and behold, you’ll hit it further.

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