We are enjoying the positive feedback we are receiving from many members who appreciate our regular contact via the numerous emails we have been sending out during the pandemic. We feel we are all in this together and share with you how much we care for the Captains. In that spirit, we would like to thank every one of you who individually demonstrates their caring for the courses, including clubhouse, parking areas, range, amenities, and general appearance and presentation of The Captains. You fix your divots and pitch marks on the greens, pick up a stray piece of trash along the way, adjust a flag in the cup or ball lifter in the hole as you go about your round.  We’ve all heard the saying, “fix your own divot, plus one more”. Please encourage your playing partners to “Care for the Captains” as well.


Sunday, June 23rd, 2024

The Golf Courses are open, and Carts are available.

18-hole carts are available up to the 3:00pm starting time.

9-hole golf carts are available up to the 5:00pm starting time.

Drinking water is available at filling stations by the clubhouse.