Learn to Hit from Tight Lies

Captains Golf Course Cape Cod

By Rob Duca   For most mid- to high-handicappers, striking the ball cleanly from a tight lie is one of the most intimidating shots they will face. The average golfer tends to feel more comfortable and confident when the ball is resting nicely on a cushion of grass, making it … Read more

Tips for Fall Golf

The Captains Golf Course Cape Cod

Golfing in the fall, especially on Cape Cod, can be exhilarating. The courses are in prime-time condition, with plush, carpet-green fairways. The changing colors of the leaves create an eye-popping visual landscape. The crisp, cool temperatures are ideal for walking 18 holes. And with fewer seasonal visitors, it’s easier to … Read more

Getting Older Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Play Better

Cape Cod golf courses

There are a number of factors every senior golfer must accept as reality. They will not hit the ball as far as they did in their heyday. They will lose the flexibility of their youth, preventing a full shoulder and hip turn. For many, there will be daily aches and … Read more

Tips for Hitting From Deep Rough

brewster golf courses

By Rob Duca When a professional golfer hits the ball into the deep rough, the main issues are that he can’t spin the golf ball or control his distance as easily. But when an amateur finds the rough, it’s an entirely different story. Most amateurs don’t have the strength or … Read more


Tuesday, July 23rd, 2024

The Golf Courses are open, and carts are available.

18-hole carts are available up to the 3:00pm starting time.

9-hole golf carts are available up to the 5:00pm starting time.

Drinking water is available at filling stations by the clubhouse.