By Rob Duca

There is one shot in golf that professionals and amateurs alike struggle with, and that’s the half-wedge to the green. It’s that awkward distance of around 50 to 80 yards, when a full swing is too much and, sometimes, a half swing is not quite enough.

Here are a few tips that will help you dial in the distance when the occasion calls for a half-swing with a wedge.

  1. Keep Your Hands Quiet

If your hands are coordinated with your body rotation, you’ll be more adept at controlling the clubhead speed. Practice moving your upper body, arms and hands in unison, and you’ll learn how to manage the pace of the rotation to produce various distances.

  1. Favor Your Front Side

Set-up is key on half-wedge shots. Lean slightly on your front side at address so that your weight is roughly 60-40.

  1. Tilt Away

With your weight slightly forward, you want to tilt your spine behind the ball. This will promote a swing that bottoms out at the proper spot and creates solid contact.

  1. Choke Down

Don’t overdo it, but choking down one or two inches on the grip will give you better control of the club. But don’t take it too far or the club will feel too light and you will have difficulty controlling it through impact.

  1. Take a Narrow Stance

You’ll be swinging mainly using your arms, so by bringing your feet closer together it will be easier to maintain a smooth tempo throughout the swing.

  1. Open Up to the Target

By opening up your stance at address, you will promote an outside-in swing, which is exactly what you want on a half-wedge shot. You might even produce backspin on the ball.

  1. Think About Ball Position

If you’re looking to hit a low, running shot that bounces a couple of times and rolls out to the pin, position the ball back in your stance. If the approach calls for a high shot that lands softly, move the ball up closer to your front foot.

  1. Pick a Spot

Be specific about where you want to land the ball and hit it to that spot. Don’t generalize; if you’re facing 55 yards to the pin, dial in the number where the ball must land to give you the best chance of getting close to the hole. With experience, you will become more adept at finding and hitting the correct spot, and you’ll be left with a lot more short, makeable putts.

Utilizing these tips will remove the fear of half-wedge shots and allow you to swing the club with confidence, making those fat chunks or skulled pitches a thing of the past.

Ideally, making a full swing from a comfortable distance is always the preferred option, but finding your preferred yardage is not always possible. Learn the half-wedge shot and you’ll be amazed at how many strokes it will shave off your score.


Tuesday, July 23rd, 2024

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