Is there a golfer alive who doesn’t want to get more distance from their tee shots, to channel their inner Rory McIlroy and send the ball soaring 300 yards, to look at every par-5 as an easy birdie opportunity?

Although driving the golf ball 300 yards is beyond the capability of most amateur players, no matter how many tips we offer, you can find an extra 10, 20 or maybe even 30 yards of distance by employing a few simple changes in your golf swing and your physical fitness.

Try these tips and those long par-4 holes that were unreachable in two shots just might not be so daunting.

  1. It’s in the Core

Start with your conditioning, specifically strengthening your core. Your ability to maintain stability through the swing begins with strong abdominal and oblique muscles, which will allow you to generate more power without losing control. You don’t need to spend endless hours in the gym. Simple at-home exercises will make a difference. For example, hold yourself in the air with your hands for a long as possible and you’ll feel your stomach muscles working. Yoga and Pilates are also great for strengthening your core. Not only will you feel stronger, you’ll be less prone to injuries.

  1. Consider Your Golf Ball

The so-called premium golf ball, the one the pros use, is not usually best for amateurs. It is designed for players with tremendous clubhead speed on impact, something amateurs don’t possess. Ball manufacturers make many different types of golf balls that are better suited to your swing. Talk to your local pro and have your clubhead speed measured. That will help you truly find a ball that is tailored to you.

  1. Think About Ball Position

The ball’s position in your stance greatly affects your distance. For maximum distance, place the ball slightly forward in your stance so that you make contact on your upswing, thus creating the optimum launch angle and minimizing spin. At the same time, tee the ball high. This will also allow you to launch the ball on a higher trajectory.

  1. Tempo Matters

How many times have you watched the pros hit the ball a mile and think, “He doesn’t even look like he’s swinging hard.” Tempo in the golf swing creates balance and generates maximum power and control. Swinging faster and harder actually decreases your chances of hitting the ball farther. Bottom line: Don’t rush your swing; focus on maintaining rhythm.

  1. Stay Loose

The more flexibility you have, the greater range of motion during the swing, and the more power you will generate. Making sure you stretch regularly, and not just before you tee off, is essential. Just as with working on your core, increasing your flexibility through daily stretching exercises will help keep you free of injury and improve your clubhead speed.

  1. Work on Weight Shift

Learning how to properly shift your weight is the greatest way to gain distance. Many golfers think they are rotating their shoulders and hips, but instead are swaying their body back and front. It’s important to turn your hips and drive the club through the swing, which creates momentum for a powerful impact. During your backswing, you should shift your weight onto your back leg, and by the time you reach the bottom of the downswing your front leg should be supporting the majority of your body weight. You’ll need to practice this to gain a feel for the weight shift, but it’s one of the best ways to hit the ball farther.


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