By Rob Duca

Golf is one of the only sports you can play and enjoy for a lifetime. So, why not get your kids started early by showing them the joys of the sport, while teaching them the fundamentals that will serve them well into their senior years?

Want to get your child hooked on a golf? Here are a few helpful tips that will pave the way.

  1. Start Slow

Give your child plastic clubs and let him/her whack a plastic ball around the yard. All kids love swinging at something and watching a ball fly through the air. There’s no need to be concerned about grip, swing path or setup. You are simply introducing them to the concept of golf.

  1. Don’t Force It

Yes, you love golf and you want your children to share your passion. You envision bonding together for years during rounds of golf. But let their interest grow organically; don’t make it your idea. Let them suggest joining you at the practice range to hit balls or having a casual playful contest on the putting green. Make it fun.

  1. Don’t Forget Mini Golf

Miniature golf is as casual as it gets, but it can serve as a good first step. It will help with hand-eye coordination and will provide your child with the basics of lining up for a putt.

  1. Invest in Equipment

Don’t give them hand-me-down clubs or a set that has been gathering dust in the garage for years. Clubs that are too long or too heavy will make it difficult for your child to hit the ball with any success, and that will only lead to frustration. Find a set of lightweight clubs designed for kids that feature a larger clubface. This will allow them to swing faster and get the ball into the air more easily. It’s like anything in life; if they have success, they are more likely to enjoy it.

It’s also important to buy gear based on your child’s height. As they grow older, their equipment needs will change.

  1. Group Lessons

Kids have more fun and are more engaged when they are with other kids. Group classes with our PGA pros may be more beneficial than a one-on-one lesson, which can be intimidating for a youngster. Our PGA Jr. League, Three Day Jr. Golf School, and Weekly Summer Instructional Clinic are also great options for group learning at a young age.

  1. Keep It Fun

They are young and they are still learning, so they don’t need to do everything perfectly. If they are really young, under seven or eight, don’t worry if they grip the club funny or lose their balance on the backswing. Those things will be learned in time. What’s important is keeping them engaged in how much fun it is to hit a golf ball.

  1. Join a League

With a team atmosphere and matches, your child will learn about competition, while being paired with peers of a similar level. Along the way, your child will learn the rules and golf etiquette in a friendly environment.

  1. Be Realistic

We’ve all heard about the Little League parent who thinks their child is going to grow up to play for the Red Sox. It happens in golf, too. Not everyone will be the next Tiger Woods. Don’t apply undue pressure on your child as he/she tries to learn the game. Constantly reminding them to keep their head down will only make them more anxious and probably drive them away from the game. It’s important that you keep your cool and let them develop at their own pace.


Tuesday, July 23rd, 2024

The Golf Courses are open, and carts are available.

18-hole carts are available up to the 3:00pm starting time.

9-hole golf carts are available up to the 5:00pm starting time.

Drinking water is available at filling stations by the clubhouse.