Commissioners Present: Anne O’Connell (Chair), Andrea Johnson (Vice-Chair), Rob David, John Kissida, Wyn Morton, Jeff Odell and David Valcourt.


Others Present: Jay Packett (Director of Operations), Colin Walsh (Superintendent,), Rob Harris (CCMGA), Peggy McEvoy (Friends of Captains), Donna Potts (Women’s 9 Hole Association), Bill Meehan (Finance Committee Liaison)




Anne O’Connell called the meeting to order at 4:00 pm after reading remote meeting guidelines and procedures.


Declaration of a Quorum – All Golf Commissioners present and accounted for which constitutes a quorum.


Public Comment – Peggy McEvoy – Friend’s of Captains had their annual meeting – report is available on their website.  Bird house installation has been delayed due to weather conditions.  The Turkey Shoot and Food Drive is coming up on November 12th from 7am until noon.  Jay Packett thanked Peggy McEvoy and The Friends for their efforts on the Food Drive and noted that a mass e-mail went out about the Turkey Shoot and Food Drive.


Update Pump House Protection Plan (Colin Walsh) – October 25th a large storm came through and 4 inches of rain came in about a 2-hour period.  Colin noted he was able to get videos and photos for the Storm water consultant.  No Damage to pumphouse/equipment though 3 feet of water did enter the building. They were able to dry it out and will continue to monitor the pumphouse.


Update FY23 HVAC Project (Jeff Odell) – Jay Packett noted the new project manager, and the company came and met at the Captains Course.  Hoping to have submittals and lead times/timeline for the next Golf Commission meeting. Jeff Odell noted the next step was the Vote at the Town Meeting on the 14th, so then the contracts can be signed on the 15th.


Discussion on membership changes – Anne O’Connell asked for the Golf Commissioners (Rob David, Jeff Odell) who were not present at the last meeting to share their thoughts on the topic, as well if anyone that had brainstormed any new ideas. Anne O’Connell noted at the November 15th Regular Business meeting the commission will not be discussing these topics.  On November 29th they will be discussing them at a special meeting.  They need to be resolved by the first Golf Commission meeting in December on the 13th.  Discussion followed on attrition/membership rates/revenues/retained earnings and changes to membership. It was noted by Anne O’Connell that the general feeling seems to be of opening the Non-Resident waiting list to a limited number, but that number is to be determined.  Further discussion will occur on November 29th.


Discussion on Tee Time Allocation Process – Discussion began on the Allocation percentage and process.  There was discussion on whether a set percentage for each course or an equation for the allocation process should be in place.  There were comments made in favor of both options and there will be further discussion at the November 29th meeting.


Discussion on 2023 Rates – Discussion on a rate increase for the 2023 season began.  There was discussion on percentage increases across the board, no increases, increases for just non-residents and daily fee players, as well as revenue numbers and attrition rates.  It was also noted that there should be no junior rate increases.  No vote will be made on this topic and further discussion will be at the November 29th meeting.


Discussion and possible vote on ‘Golf Course Enhancements’ list – This topic will be moved to the November 15th meeting.


Discussion and possible vote on FY23 Tee Box improvements (Andrea Johnson/John Kissida) – This topic will be moved to the November 15th meeting.


Questions and Comments from Associations and Liaisons – Rob Harris noted that the CCMGA supports the purchasing of Golf Genius Premium.

Bill Meehan – Noted that some analysis may want to be done on the whole revenue stream by segment.  Looking at rates by category could be helpful for future decisions.


Golf Course Questions and Concerns – No questions or concerns


Future Agenda Items and meetings (11/15 (Regular Business); 11/29 (Special Finance))


Matters not anticipated by the Chair: – None


A motion to adjourn was made by John Kissida, seconded by Andrea Johnson, to adjourn the meeting.  Motion passed unanimously.  The Meeting was adjourned at 5:10 pm.


Wednesday, July 17th, 2024

The Golf Courses are open, and carts are available.

18-hole carts are available up to the 3:00pm starting time.

9-hole golf carts are available up to the 5:00pm starting time.

Drinking water is available at filling stations by the clubhouse.