July 7, 2019

Commissioners Present: Carl Blanchard, Jeff Odell, Wyn Morton, Dave Valcourt, Anne O’Connell, Andrea Johnson and John Kissida.

Others Present:  Mark O’Brien, Director of Operations, Pete Ervin, Superintendent.

This meeting was not video-taped.

Mark O’Brien called the meeting to order at 4:00 p.m.

Reorganization:  Carl Blanchard nominated Anne O’Connell for Chair of the Golf Commission.  All voted in favor.

Public Comment:  The Friends have had a new “Thank you for playing at the Captains” sign erected and located at the parking lot exit.

Suggestion Box:  The suggestion boxes will be monitored by Wyn Morton; Carl Blanchard has been unable to check the town box.  Written suggestions received regarding increased availability of the beverage cart, snack bar hours and slow play issues.  There was a verbal complaint to police the restroom at the snack shack.  Mark O’Brien will monitor.

Superintendent’s Report:  3,000 rounds were played in the past week, the course and the staff are holding up well.  Josh Berto helped painting the flag on the 9th green on Port.  The gas pump has been repaired at the maintenance building.  Water usage rate is normal. The maintenance staff is trying to catch up today, 7/9, and might have been in the way of play on the course.  The chemicals on course application may need some extra set-aside time (Monday?) to apply properly.  Union maintenance staff cannot come in earlier.  Chemical drying time is essential for effective application.  A 2-hour delay per side would be ideal.


Director’s Report:  A great start for July—694 rounds were played on July 5, the highest level on record.  FY 2019 looks to have a plus balance, starting FY20 in good shape.  Membership numbers are stronger than anticipated.  Expenses are 70K under budget.  FY20 has begun, “the last great challenge.”  Bond burning is scheduled for some time in April 2020.

Update on Solar Project:  Still waiting for power company action.  Charging stations will be available in lot for electric vehicles, numbers no known.  Details forthcoming.

Update on Practice Nets:  Paige Ferraguto said we might see them “soon.”  Have spoken with contractor.

Update on Recycling:  Mark, Dave, Sean, Anne and others on recycling committee had a meeting.  Compliance could be onerous and contract issues in place.  Meg Morris may need to speak to the Golf Commission for details.  Initial proposal may be end of summer/early fall.  Pete stated the high volume of recyclables (25 bags in maintenance building) may trigger costs.  Other recyclables are also disposed of in dumpster, some recycled not at all.

Strategic Planning:  Dave reviewed process for completing swim lane focus area requirements.  He has filled out a sample worksheet and requests each lane coordinator to attempt to fill out worksheet similarly.  “Needs” and “wants” prioritization will be ruled by financial feasibility.  May need financial prospectus to structure plans.  Revenue generated averages maybe needed for year-by-year available money in reserve.  Future projects probably will not be supported by town bond issues although irrigation system is the exception.  Mark can resend his 5-year financial forecast which he will resend to commissioners.  Discussion of issues toward setting deadline for planning.

Future Agenda Items:  Sign-up sheet for minutes; strategic planning; minutes for past month need typing and approval; commissioner’s term for each person needs listing.

Topics not reasonably anticipated: 

Solar contract details re trees, hardscaping; tree location may be available elsewhere on the course or elsewhere in town.  Does CGC have any up-front costs?

Range – E-key reading problems—may need to be replaced.

Email blast system takes four days, needs to be prioritized so not unduly delayed for time-sensitive announcements.

The course record was tied with 63 on Starboard by Greg Bennett, University of North Carolina.  Nauset grad, Brent Wanner also holds the course record on Starboard with a 63 and Mike Carbone holds the record on Port also with a score of 63.

A motion to adjourn was made by Carl Blanchard, seconded by Jeff Odell.  Motion passed unanimously.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:05 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Wyn Morton











The Pro Shop is closed to the public until further notice. Face coverings must be worn at all times on the Captains Golf Course property. 18-Hole riding carts are restricted to those with a 12:00 tee time or earlier and 9-Hole riding carts are restricted to those with a 1:57 tee time or earlier. The driving range is closed until further notice and the Freemans Grill is closed for the season. RENTAL CLUBS ARE NOT AVAILABLE. Non-Member tee times may be reserved up to two days in advance. Reservations are required for all play - WALK-ONS ARE NOT PERMITTED.