January 14, 2020

Commissioners Present: Anne O’Connell (Chair), Carl Blanchard, Jeff Odell, Wyn Morton, and John Kissida and Dave Valcourt. Andrea Johnson was absent.


Others Present: Mark O’Brien (Director of Golf Operations), Bill Meehan (Fin Comm. Liaison), Bill O’Brien (CCMGA), Donna Potts (Women’s 9-Hole Assn.), Orin Segall, and Diane Valcourt.


This meeting was held at the Town Hall and was televised. The video of the meeting may be viewed at: https://view.earthchannel.com/PlayerFlex.aspx?PGD=brewsterma&eID=1960


Call to Order: Anne O’Connell called the meeting to order at 4:00 p.m.


Public Comment:


  • None


General Announcements:


  • None


Correspondence and Suggestion Box:


  • Wyn Morton reported that there was no correspondence from the web site. In the suggestion box in the clubhouse there were two anonymous suggestions. One was for “free stuff” and the other was requesting mozzarella sticks in the restaurant. They will be passed on to Sean


Superintendent’s Report:


  • Mark O’Brien reported that Jeff Hemeon, one of our maintenance mechanics, volunteered to do snow plowing for the Town in the last snow event. The DPW was very appreciative.
  • We have received our new pickup truck that was on our capital plan. The old truck will be sold as surplus property. The new truck was used to plow in this last snow event for the Town.
  • Winter work is under way, i.e., tree work, equipment maintenance, tee marker painting, etc.


Director of Operations Report (Mark O’Brien):


  • Mark O’Brien reported that the plan going forward is to fund capital items from Golf Retained Earnings as of the previous fiscal year.
  • Mark O’Brien presented the FY2021 golf budget request that has been submitted to the Select Board and Finance Committee. Discussion followed. The budget presented shows and ending Retained Earnings for FY2021 of $223,024.
  • Mark O’Brien presented a recommended approving a request from the Cape Cod Women’s Golf League on August 31, 2020 for a fee of $60 per player including green fee and cart. Dave Valcourt made a motion to approve this request, seconded by John Kissida. Motion approved 6-0-0.
  • Mark O’Brien reported that a total of $157,022 has been brought in from the two-year membership program to date. A total of 73 people have participated.
  • Mark O’Brien recommended increasing the 18-hole cart fee for both guests and members by $2 and the 9-hole cart fee by $1 for both members and guests. Dave Valcourt made a motion to approve the cart fee increases as recommended. The motion was seconded John Kissida. Motion approved 6-0-0.


Freemans Grill:


  • Anne O’Connell discussed a report from Andrea Johnson regarding a meeting with Sean Sullivan with some data on their 2019 performance. Freeman’s Grill performance is considered excellent. Sean is in the process of doing some renovations to the restaurant area, mainly moving the bar to the other side of the room and installing new carpet. The Town is paying for the new carpet.
  • Wyn Morton suggested promoting this report to the membership.


Solar Project:


  • Anne O’Connell discussed rumors surrounding the revenues generated from the solar canopy project in the parking lot suggesting that the golf course may not benefit from the revenues.
  • It was decided that Anne O’Connell would draft a letter to the Select Board to request clarification on this issue.


Member Communications:


  • Dave Valcourt discussed the “State of the Captains” letter to the membership that he and John Kissida drafted and was distributed to the Commission.
  • It was decided to send out a quarterly correspondence to the membership with an update on Golf Commission and Captains Golf Course information.
  • Wyn Morton suggested we use our social marketing person to help promote this to those beyond the membership. Wyn will follow up.


Golf Course Reserve Account:


  • Anne O’Connell suggested that the Golf Commission should set a goal for a Retained Earnings minimum and a strategy to get there. Discussion followed.
  • Anne O’Connell will gather the Commissioner’s availability February through May and then a special Golf Commission meeting will be scheduled focusing solely on the Golf Commission strategic plan.


Review and Approve Minutes:


  • Wyn Morton made a motion to approve the Golf Commission minutes of December 10, 2019 as written, seconded by Dave Valcourt. Motion approved 6-0-0.


Future Agenda Items:


  • Orin Segall’s communication relative to area golf course promotions.
  • Discussion of the National Golf Foundation report prepared for the Town of Yarmouth and how those findings could help Captains Golf Course.
  • Revenue enhancement ideas.
  • Carl Blanchard will take notes for the next meeting.


Topics the Chair did not reasonably anticipate:


  • Wyn Morton asked if we get complaints about loud music on the course. Mark O’Brien stated that we have only received one complaint that he knows of and when he spoke to the people they turned down the music. Mark O’Brien stated that we do not have an established policy regarding music.
  • Mark O’Brien stated that the joint meeting with the Select Board and the Finance Committee is tentatively being changed from February 1st to February 8th.
  • Orin Segall asked to have his proposal for a discount golf cart card be sold. Mark O’Brien stated he was not in favor of this proposal as he believes it will decrease revenues. Carl Blanchard made a motion to send out a survey to gauge the interest in this type of program. Jeff Odell seconded. The motion was defeated 1 in favor (Carl Blanchard) and 5 against.


Wyn Morton made a motion, seconded by John Kissida to adjourn the meeting. The motion was approved 6-0-0. The meeting was adjourned at 5:58 p.m.


Respectfully Submitted,

Mark O’Brien

Director of Operations

The Pro Shop is closed to the public until further notice. Face coverings must be worn at all times on the Captains Golf Course property. 18-Hole riding carts are restricted to those with a 12:00 tee time or earlier and 9-Hole riding carts are restricted to those with a 1:57 tee time or earlier. The driving range is closed until further notice and the Freemans Grill is closed for the season. RENTAL CLUBS ARE NOT AVAILABLE. Non-Member tee times may be reserved up to two days in advance. Reservations are required for all play - WALK-ONS ARE NOT PERMITTED.