February 2, 2021

Commissioners Present: Anne O’Connell (Chair), Andrea Johnson (Vice-Chair), Carl Blanchard, John Kissida, Wyn Morton, Jeff Odell.


Others Present: Jay Packett, Director of Operations, Colin Walsh, Golf Course Superintendent, Rob Harris (CCMGA), Donna Potts (9-Hole Women’s Assn.), Sarah Robinson (18-Hole Women’s Assn.) and Bill Meehan (Finance Committee Liaison).


THIS MEETING WAS HELD REMOTELY WITH AUDIO AND VIDEO RECORDED. The meeting may be viewed at: http://video.brewster-ma.gov/CablecastPublicSite/show/5199?channel=1


Anne O’Connell called the meeting to order at 4:00 pm after reading remote meeting guidelines and procedures.


Update on Solar Project:

  • Jay Packett reported having a zoom meeting yesterday with Peter Lombardi, Donna Kalinick, Colin Walsh and members from DSD regarding the installation of the solar carports in the main parking lot and upcoming phases of construction. DSD proposed construction throughout the entire 2021 calendar season.  Once the appeals time is over on February 9, they will be getting all their permits together which will take about another three weeks. Initially they are looking to install the footings for the carports to be erected in the western end parking lot.  Once this is done, they are proposing to erect the structure that will be CP 4, 5 and 6 on the right-hand side of the parking lot and is anticipated to be done not later than Memorial Day.  The rest of the parking lot and access to the pro shop should pose no safety hazards.   When this entire area is completed, they will move on to the furthest west end which is CP 1, 2 and 3.  During the busiest part of the golfing season, one section will be done at a time, allowing the other two areas to be available for parking.  This will result in a 25 per cent reduction in available parking.  In order for the town and the golf course to receive the incentives, this project needs to be completed in calendar year 2021, a fact that was not brought up during the approval process.  Tim Magner, the incentives chairman, advises that if the project is not completed by the end of the calendar year, a 6-month extension will be needed and will be reviewed by the DOER.  Jay Packett thinks the parking issue will be manageable but is concerned about the optics of the situation as guests will be driving into a construction site and hearing construction noise that could be disruptive to the environment and to play.  There is another meeting schedule in two weeks to go over this again.

Ann O’Connell has participated in previous planning board meetings and indicated none of this information had been made available.  Ann O’Connell asked for questions and comments from the commission.  Discussion followed.


Jeff Odell discussed the weather station.  Colin Walsh indicated the weather station is a tool used for information and does not run the irrigation system but reports to the maintenance building. A new wire could be necessary during the construction.  The project manager assured Jay Packett they will work around the weather station.  Discussion followed.


John Kissida said key issues to minimize construction impacts would include: dedicated working parking area in construction area, identifying area for parking of Greens maintenance staff, designation of second entrance for construction access and maintaining main entrance for golf course use, keeping southern parking and access aisles on southern edge (closest to parking) available for golfers at all times, scheduling construction sequence from south to north to open up spaces closest to clubhouse ASAP, considering penalties for completion delays especially beyond Memorial Day for CP4,5,6.


Jeff Odell suggested that a sign/banner be placed on construction fence near main parking lot.


Regarding paint colors, John Kissida stated the main structure will be in the shadow making the      chosen colors darker and suggested Silk Gray #7044 or Pebble Gray.  The Planning Board made painting a condition of approval–DSD will be responsible.  Silk Gray is the first choice of color.  John Kissida suggested Signal Gray #7004 as the second color.



Update on Irrigation System Study:

  • Colin Walsh and John Kissida reported on the January 21 meeting with Irrigation Consulting. They are looking for better efficiency to comply with state regulations under the water permit and to insure the performance of the irrigation system for the next twenty to thirty years.  There needs to be a mitigation program with the Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program.  Kudos to Jon Greene for his work regarding the water program.  Water conservation was discussed.  The Watchdog Weather Station would be another tool to get more up-to-date information directly into the computer.  Costs and various types of systems were discussed.  The current water system is a good shape and very well maintained.  The pump station is the weakest link.  Ultimate planning should be for a 36-hole system.


Update on Consultant Study:

  • Richard Singer from NGF and Jay Packett have been in contact. Tim Garrett from the NGF is coming up on Thursday for the initial site visit; the report is due back on March 15.  The Selectboard has requested a presentation.  Ann O’Connell will schedule a joint meeting between the Selectboard and the Golf Commission.  Discussion followed.


Review on Freemans Grill Operations 2020 Season:

  • Carl Blanchard, Ann O’Connell, Andrea Johnson, Sean Sullivan and Jay Packett met for an end-of-the-year meeting. On March 15 of 2020, Freemans Grill was required to stop operations because of the COVID virus.  On June 11 operations were opened with patio seating and take-out options only.  Eighty-four events were cancelled, 40 being golf related.  Evening food revenues in 2020 increased over the previous year due to a larger menu.  Beverage cart revenue was down as a result of event cancellations; support from members and guests kept the beverage cart viable. Patronage by members and daily fee players was appreciated.  The Trip Advisor rating for Freemans Grill in 2019 was #6 in Brewster, in 2020 it was #2 in Brewster, #1 being the Fish House; Freemans Grill is the only restaurant in Brewster to receive only 5-star ratings in its reviews.  Kitchen equipment needs were discussed and will be reviewed by Jay Packett and Sean Sullivan.  Appropriate recommendations will be made in future budget submissions. Sean Sullivan is reviewing Executive Chef scheduling.  Restrooms were discussed.  Sean Sullivan is looking at a possible Freemans Grill program:  Friday night member socials, divot repair fests.  This is the final year for the lease for Freemans Grill.




  • Wynn Morton reported he and Jay Packett met with the PR people and will be discussing marketing projects as proposed last year. The website will be reviewed.  Ann O’Connell suggested putting together some topics to be presented to the members.  Jen will be producing a monthly newsletter in this regard.  Discussion followed.  Ideas can be sent to Wyn Morton, copy to Jay Packett.


Items for Commission Calendar:

  • Commission reorg.
  • Budgeting deadlines
  • Tee time allocation
  • Course calendar
  • Rates
  • Capital
  • Meetings
  • Solar construction dates
  • Date for Sean Sullivan’s RFP
  • Two-study completion date


Refund Request:

  • A timely notice for a refund has been made.
  • A motion was made by Jeff Odell, seconded by Carl Blanchard, to authorize payment of a refund to be paid upon the written request from a qualified estate representative. Motion passed unanimously.



Questions and comments from Associations and liaisons:

  • None.



Topics the Chair did not reasonably anticipate:


Future agenda items and meetings:

  • The meetings of the Brewster Golf Commission will be held on the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month.  The next meeting will be held on February 16, 2021.


A motion to adjourn was made by Andrea Johnson, seconded by Wyn Morton, to adjourn the meeting. Motion passed unanimously.  The meeting was adjourned at 5:45 pm.


Respectfully submitted,


Dorothy Vesperman,

Department Assistant


The Pro Shop is closed to the public until further notice. Face coverings must be worn at all times on the Captains Golf Course property. 18-Hole riding carts are restricted to those with a 12:00 tee time or earlier and 9-Hole riding carts are restricted to those with a 1:57 tee time or earlier. The driving range is closed until further notice and the Freemans Grill is closed for the season. RENTAL CLUBS ARE NOT AVAILABLE. Non-Member tee times may be reserved up to two days in advance. Reservations are required for all play - WALK-ONS ARE NOT PERMITTED.