December 8, 2020

Commissioners Present: Anne O’Connell (Chair), Andrea Johnson (Vice-Chair), Carl Blanchard, John Kissida, Wyn Morton, Jeff Odell, and David Valcourt


Others Present: Mark O’Brien (Director of Operations), Colin Walsh, Golf Course Superintendent, Jay Packett (Asst. Oper. Mgr.), Bill Meehan (Finance Committee liaison), Rob Harris (CCMGA), Sarah Robinson (18-Hole Women’s Assn.) and Donna Potts (9-HoleWomen’s Assn.).




Anne O’Connell called the meeting to order at 4:00 pm after reading remote meeting guidelines and procedures.


Anne O’Connell congratulated Jay Packett on his unanimous appointment by the Selectboard to the position of Director of Operations.  In answer to her question, Jay Packett discussed his upcoming goals in this position.


Superintendent’s report:


  • Colin Walsh congratulated Jay Packett on his appointment.
  • Starboard greens were deep-tined yesterday. Port is scheduled for Monday depending on the weather.  The sinkhole on 13 has been done in house using materials on hand.  Course clean-up has been done.  Irrigation system blow-out went well.  Pump No. 2 is being rewound; some electrical work will be done.  Two more bunkers on 13 Port will be done in the next couple of weeks.        Sink holes will be repaired, tree work will be done.  Currently there are twelve on staff.
  • Discussion followed. Material from the driving range project is being used.


Director’s report:


  • Mark O’Brien reported a request from the Cape Cod Women’s Golf League for Monday August 30 for their tournament; replacing dates originally in May and in October.


  • A motion was made by Jeff Odell, seconded by Andrea Johnson, to schedule Monday August 30 for a shotgun tournament as requested by the Cape Cod Women’s Golf League and to remove the dates in May and October. Motion passed unanimously.
  • The Friends want to reinstitute their shotgun tournament on August 29 at 1 p.m.
  • A motion was made by Jeff Odell, seconded by Andrea Johnson to schedule the Friends shotgun tournament on August 29 at 1 p.m. Motion passed unanimously.
  • Mark O’Brien asked for approval of a memorial bench for Judy McCarthy to be placed on the red tee on 18 Starboard. This request was approved at the Selectboard meeting.
  • A motion was made by Jeff Odell, seconded by Wyn Morton to place a memorial bench for Judy McCarthy on the red tee on 18 Starboard. Motion passed unanimously.
  • Financials were discussed. November was a record month exceeding all previous years.  Total play was up; the weather was good.  Proposed projections for FY 21 should be $685,000.
  • Rangers and their duties were discussed. Normal staffing should be resumed in April.
  • The budget will be presented to the Golf Commission at the next meeting.
  • Tee time allocations for the winter were discussed. All tee times will be open to members until two days prior to the play date at which time guest times will be available. Discussion followed.
  • CoVid numbers are increasing. The golf course is going back to Phase 3 Step 1.  The pro shop is closed to all but staff in order to protect the ability to continue operations and the well-being of the staff.  Accommodations will be made to those wishing to purchase merchandise from the pro shop and can be mailed to the customer.
  • Carl Blanchard noted that the pictures on the website need updating. Discussion followed.


Questions and comments from Associations and liaisons:



Update irrigation study:


  • John Kissida discussed the proposals from the irrigation consultants which have been sent to the Town Administrator’s office. A contract will be prepared and should be available by January. The final report will be ready on or prior to April 30.


Update solar projects:


  • Jeff Odell reported progress at the driving range.


Golf course Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats memo:


  • Ann O’Connell sent the Commission a document for the director’s screening material and would like to discuss these items with Mark O’Brien. Carl Blanchard commented the restaurant is in their one-year extension and a restaurant RFP should be looked at.  The Assistant Town Administrator suggested the RFP be sent out in August.  Mark O’Brien would like to have the entire process completed by September.  Discussion followed regarding a long-term lease.
  • Rob Harris discussed cost increases.
  • Regarding the management study, Mark O’Brien has received 3 proposals which are being evaluated. Acceptance of the lowest price from a qualified proposer is required and a report must be submitted by February 15.  Mark O’Brien will be working with Donna Kalinick on this. These proposals are not easily evaluated.
  • Having Mark O’Brien’s assessment memo and projections, with the slight adjustments suggested by Rob Harris, along with the strategic plan should work well together. Jeff Odell would like to spend time looking at this material which could give a bottom-line figure possibly going through 2030.  Ann O’Connell would like to go over some of these items before Mark O’Brien leaves.

Discussion followed.


 Questions and comments from Associations and liaisons:

  • Congratulation to Jay Packett on his promotion from Donna Potts and Sarah Robinson.
  • Bill Meehan congratulated Jay Packett on his promotion and thanked Mark O’Brien for his work.


Review and Approve minutes:


  • Jeff Odell made a motion, seconded by Wyn Morton, to approve the minutes of November 17, 2020 as written. Motion passed unanimously.


Topics the Chair did not reasonably anticipate:


  • Jay Packett reported the Brewster Whitecaps requested a tournament for the spring of 2021 and will have possible dates later this week.
  • John Kissida asked about the process of hiring a new golf professional. Jay Packett will be discussing this and the replacement of the administrative assistant with Susan Broderick.


Future agenda items and meetings:


  • How the calendar dates are determined.
  • Number of members permitted.
  • Budget


A motion to adjourn was made by Jeff Odell, seconded by Wyn Morton, and passed unanimously.  The meeting was adjourned at 5:40 pm.


Respectfully submitted,


Dorothy Vesperman

The Pro Shop is closed to the public until further notice. Face coverings must be worn at all times on the Captains Golf Course property. 18-Hole riding carts are restricted to those with a 12:00 tee time or earlier and 9-Hole riding carts are restricted to those with a 1:57 tee time or earlier. The driving range is closed until further notice and the Freemans Grill is closed for the season. RENTAL CLUBS ARE NOT AVAILABLE. Non-Member tee times may be reserved up to two days in advance. Reservations are required for all play - WALK-ONS ARE NOT PERMITTED.