August 11, 2009

The following are the minutes of the Brewster Golf Commission special meeting held on August 11, 2009. The meeting was called to order at 4:30 PM.

Commissioners present: Bob Weiss, Chairman Cindy Bingham Stote Ellsworth Josephine O’Connell Jeff Odell Karney Ovian Joe Shaw, Honorary Commissioner

Staff present: Mark O’Brien, Director of Operations

Others present: Jim Foley, Board of Selectmen Liaison Orin Segall, Board Member CCMGA Steve Litwinowich Pat Eggers, Secretary

J. Odell is interested in developing a promotion with clubs within a 3 hour radius to offer group rates for a golf outing in order to get more people to come to Captains to play golf during the shoulder season. Discussion followed about different ideas and issues. Jeff will pursue this idea, and work with Mark and S. Ellsworth to best utilize the club's hotel/motel/inn partners in developing a package if appropriate.

B. Weiss distributed the following framework for analysis to assist in evaluating proposals and recommendations for Captains:

When discussing any recommendation, please try to cover the following: – First describe the key elements of the proposal – How is the proposal meant to increase revenues for the subscriber category, or overall? – How it the proposal meant to increase the numbers of subscribers? – How is the proposal meant to increase the value for our customers (DFP & AFP) – What are the negative impacts of the proposal? (e.g. Does one group benefit at another's expense? Are expectations changed and does that impact desire to subscribe? Etc.) – What are the risks in undertaking the proposal (e.g. Is it achievable?) BREWSTER GOLF COMMISSION August 11, 2009

– M. O'Brien reviewed the capital plan, specifically noting the prioritization that has already occurred in reducing the expenditures planned for this year. The initial plan of work (prioritizing work on the older holes) had been reduced from $294,530 to $215,000 prior to approval at the May town meeting. All capital is on hold right now due to the financial situation. B. Weiss asked Mark to determine from the current list what is absolutely critical to get done this year in order to get the funding approval in time to contract the work.

– J. Foley asked about the effectiveness of the recent Half Price/Half Year offer for Brewster residents. M. O'Brien advised that 9 had enrolled to date (with one more – in the mail. In addition 5 members who joined since August 1 were given a partial refund, so it has reached breakeven. Feedback from emails was mixed.

– B. Weiss asked to reopen consideration for adding a new annual member type for Brewster non-resident taxpayer. Discussion followed, and Cindy Bingham, Jeff Odell and Joe Shaw were appointed to a subcommittee to come up with a recommendation for the Commission to propose to the Selectmen.

– Discussion followed about various proposals and ideas to address the Non-Resident AFP pricing for the coming season. Feedback from customers and competitive analysis of pricing from other area courses were shared and discussed. It is expected that a final plan will be ready for presentation to the Selectmen at the August 31 meeting.

– M. O'Brien noted that on a positive note the August revenue results and guest play were up over last year to date. Last August was the second best August in the history of the club.

Since there was no other business, a motion made by C. Bingham, seconded by J. O'Connell to adjourn the meeting passed, and the next special meeting date was confirmed for August 17 at 4:30 pm. The meeting adjourned at 6:25 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Pat Eggers Secretary

The Pro Shop is closed to the public until further notice. Face coverings must be worn at all times on the Captains Golf Course property. 18-Hole riding carts are restricted to those with a 12:00 tee time or earlier and 9-Hole riding carts are restricted to those with a 1:57 tee time or earlier. The driving range is closed until further notice and the Freemans Grill is closed for the season. RENTAL CLUBS ARE NOT AVAILABLE. Non-Member tee times may be reserved up to two days in advance. Reservations are required for all play - WALK-ONS ARE NOT PERMITTED.