Cart Fees

Guest Riding Cart Rates

18 Holes / Single Rider$23

9 Hole / Single Rider$14

SoloRider cart (for golfers with disabilities)$23

Member Riding Cart Rates

18 Holes / Single Rider$18

9 Hole / Single Rider$10

SoloRider cart (for golfers with disabilities)$18

Push Carts

18 Holes$5

9 Holes$3

Rental Clubs

Rental Clubs (Currently not available)$30

Driving Range Fees

Bulk Rate 1 ($200 worth of range balls)$100

Bulk Rate 2 ($100 worth of range balls)$60

Bulk Rate 3 (ten small baskets)$22

Large Bucket (72 balls)$10

Medium Bucket (36 balls)$6

Small Bucket (18 balls)$3

Annual Fees – 2020

Adult Brewster Taxpayer "Early" AFP$1053

Adult Brewster Taxpayer "Morning" AFP$877

Adult Brewster Taxpayer "Twilight" AFP$468

Brewster Resident Junior AFP (12-18 years)$204

Brewster Resident "Collegiate" AFP (19-25 years)$407

Non-Brewster Taxpayer "Early" AFP$1752

Non-Brewster Resident "Twilight" AFP$700

Non-Brewster Resident Junior AFP (12-18 years)$292

Non-Brewster Resident "Collegiate" (19-25 years)$585

Charter Non-Resident AFP (continuous member since 1985)$1520