Annual Fees – 2019

Adult Brewster Taxpayer "Early" AFP$1003

Adult Brewster Taxpayer "Morning" AFP$835

Adult Brewster Taxpayer "Twilight" AFP$446

Brewster Resident Junior AFP (12-18 years)$194

Brewster Resident "Collegiate" AFP (19-25 years)$388

Non-Brewster Taxpayer "Early" AFP$1669

Non-Brewster Resident "Twilight" AFP$667

Non-Brewster Resident Junior AFP (12-18 years)$278

Non-Brewster Resident "Collegiate" (19-25 years)$557

Charter Non-Resident AFP (continuous member since 1985)$1448


There are three levels of Annual Fee Player (membership) playing privileges for Brewster residents/taxpayers. These levels are described on the Brewster Resident/Taxpayer application form. The AFP fee for all residents and non-residents includes unlimited golf. There are discounted cart fees for all AFPs, however carts are not required. In addition AFPs receive a 10% discount on all non-sale merchandise in the pro shop as well as discounted green fees for their guests.

If you have questions in regard to the privileges of AFP status at the Captains Golf Course you may read our Rules and Information Guide or you can call us toll free at 877-843-9081.

PAY ON-LINE: If you would like to use the on-line system, you may pay your membership fee by credit card (American Express, MasterCard or Discover), or debit to your checking account. Unfortunately the system does not accept VISA. This On-Line Payment System is provided by a third party vendor and a fee is charged for credit card paymentsCLICK HERE to see the credit card fee schedule. However, the fee for a debit to your bank account is just 25 cents.  CLICK HERE to submit your on-line application.

PRINT A FORM: To download and print an Annual Fee Player (AFP) application form, please read below to determine which category will provide the appropriate AFP application for you. If you would like us to mail you a form, please call us at 508-896-1716 or stop by the Pro Shop to pick one up. PLEASE BE AWARE THAT CREDIT CARDS ARE NOT ACCEPTED FOR MAIL-IN OR IN-PERSON REGISTRATIONS, BUT ONLY VIA THE ON-LINE SYSTEM.

A 1/3 Discount off of the membership fee is offered to those with a Military Service Related Disability of at least 51%. A letter from the VA must be presented to verify qualification for this Discount.

Also, for those 85 years or older as of March 31, 2019, your membership fee is frozen at the same rate that you paid last year.

Membership Applications

September 1, 2019 through March 31, 2020:

2019-2020 Off Season Membership Application


League Applications

Captains Course Men’s Golf Association (CCMGA) application form

To play in the Wednesday morning league, you must be a member of the CCMGA. For more information on the CCMGA Click Here.

Captains 18 Hole Women’s Association application form

To play in the Tuesday morning women’s league, you must be a member of the Women’s 18 Hole Association. For more information on the Captains Course Women’s 18-Hole Association Click Here.

Captains 9 Hole Women’s Association application form

To play in the Thursday morning women’s league, you must be a member of the Women’s 9 Hole Association. For more information Click Here.

If you cannot download and print any of the above information, or if you have a question regarding your qualification for Annual Fee Player status at the Captains Golf Course, please call us toll free at 877-843-9081 or email us (

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Thursday, October 17, 2019 - Due to the weather the course opening is currently delayed until 9:15. At that point we expect to open for walking only! Please check back for updates.